Welcome! Enter & Enjoy

My visual art strives to express my connection to the creative energy flowing throughout our ‘world’–inner, outer, conscious and unconscious states of being. I’ve discovered that the more I relinquish control of the ink/pen or watercolors and the brush the more unpredictable and rewarding are the results.  Much of my art is  strongly tied to the natural world which is often ignored in daily life by people who have forgotten their own natural essences and place within  the larger context in which all living things exist. We are part of nature no matter what we forget, deny, ignore or attempt to control.  Consider that our biological forms are conceived, born, grow, die and decay. How can we not be connected to nature? Even our unseen essences/energies are part of ‘nature’ in the largest sense conceivable.  Contemplate music and sound for a moment–sound is unseen and has no concrete form that can be held or touched and yet we know it exists. Music is sound and we relish it every day. Music is energy we can hear. Energy fuels creative efforts that can be seen and read and touched. Manifested creative energy is often called ART. 

Enjoy my ART. 


aka 47whitebuffalo roaming at large 

Wind Walking

Wind Walking


Wind Walking 


Wind Walking explores the nature of energy as it flows constantly in all directions without regard to any constraints of time and space. It raises questions about the world we perceive—and some times only sense intuitively. It illustrates the infinite variety of the potential of energy to transform and take shape at will. No attempt has been made to impose any linear concepts of perception, perspective or construction upon the composition. Discover the black inked humanoid figure walking on air and imagine yourself moving at will like it through infinity with immense freedom of will and choice. What worlds would you create? 

15″  x 20″     Canson   watercolor  acid free   140 lb 

pens/ink     Sakura    Staedtler   Faber Castell   “other” 

If you are interested in any original or an archival quality print  contact me for details and further information. 


8 Responses to Welcome! Enter & Enjoy

  1. eremophila says:

    A beautiful expression of the energy of wind.

  2. lazfreedman says:

    I totally dig this !
    So much energy…. amazing
    Thank you,
    Peace to you,

  3. The colors, the patterns, the details and the stories behind each painting are all astonishing to me. great paintings and post.

  4. lg says:

    Pretty cool Eva. i’m curious about the deconstruction aspects; and how your design evolved toward the statement i see on the paper. I began this little google/trek asking for connections between buddhism and the PineRidge rez; and i guess the wind kinda pushed me this way. If i never speak to you again… Carry on!

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